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We have been successfully operational for the past six years – we survived the Knysna Fires and we served our loyal following customers throughout lockdown.

Charlesford Farm nestles in the Knysna River Valley bordering on Phantom Pass. Phantom Pass gets its name from “The Legend Of The Phantom Moth”.

Charlesford Farm was founded prior to WW2 by Gwen Devenish as a 340ha dairy farm with Jersey cows and 75ha (22%) arable land. Gwen also bred racehorses and Derbyshire had gravel quarry rights on Charlesford Farm. She managed a horse livery yard and riding school from the farm and held regular polocrosse events at the Old Drift.

It’s a locals secret I think … Beautiful meat, well cut and very tasty. You have to try it to understand how much better it is …

Charlesford Farm currently has a Jersey herd of approximately 300 cows in the milking herd and a total herd of approximately 700 on the farm, complemented by a piggery of 50 sows.

The Charlesford Farm Butchery was founded in April 2016, And since then we have opened up our private Charlesford Farm River Camp site to the pulic and the latest addition is the Hide Away Cabin – an exclusive venue, hidden in the forest.

Charlesford Farm Knysna
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Our Team

The team has been together for eight years, we have extensive food science knowledge as we have worked in various hotels and restaurants over the past twenty years. Our dedicated staff members work diligently to provide an excellent service to our customers whether its pre-ordered meat packaged and prepared to your specifications or a on the deck under the Old Pin Oak Tree or in one of the gazebos.

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